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Advanced zone manager for creating in-game zones

Total Downloads: 17,824 - First Release: Apr 3, 2015 - Last Update: Dec 15, 2017

4.94017/5, 117 likes
  1. 2.4.61

    TruePVE support
  2. 2.4.6

    NoDecay fix
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  3. 2.4.5

    • Restore .Contains checking that was removed
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  4. 2.4.4

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  5. 2.4.3

    Added zone option "permission" This allows you to set permissions for zones (making the plugin PrivateZones redundant)
    Added config option "Prefix Color" (to be used elsewhere in the plugin), to prevent your prefixes being white remove the color tags from the "Prefix" option in the config
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