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Well Fed

Players start with Full Health, Hunger and Thirst

Total Downloads: 5,417 - First Release: Jul 17, 2015 - Last Update: Apr 30, 2016

5/5, 13 likes

  1. Colon Blow
    Who said you have to be near starving when you get thrown out in the world? Not me... this plugin will fatten you up before you get tossed out to the world of Rust. Players will start with full health, hunger and thirst instead of default values.

    Note: Players will still lose health, hunger and thirst as normal, it does not prevent damage or anything.

    Permissions :

    oxide.grant <group|user> <name|id> wellfed.onlogin
    oxide.grant <group|user> <name|id> wellfed.onspawn
    //example to allow all players
    oxide.grant group default wellfed.onlogin
    oxide.grant group default wellfed.onspawn
    Default Config :
      "Login Health": 100.0,
      "Login Hunger": 500.0,
      "Login Thirst": 500.0,
      "Spawn Health": 100.0,
      "Spawn Hunger": 500.0,
      "Spawn Thirst": 500.0