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Weapon Damage Scaler

Allows scaling of player damage per weapon/ammo/skin/prefab

Total Downloads: 996 - First Release: Jan 3, 2016 - Last Update: Dec 4, 2017

5/5, 7 likes
  1. 1.1.2

    -Probable fix for thrown weapons not being scaled (and may fix very rare cases where scaling did not happen even for non-thrown weapons)
  2. 1.1.1

    -Fix for data file getting reset every time plugin loaded
  3. 1.1.0

    -Added option to scale per prefab per weapon, example: /setscale "Assault Rifle" 1.25 wall (To scale damage against a player, use: /setscale "Assault Rifle" 1.1 player)

    -Added option to scale per building grade per weapon, example: /setscale "Assault Rifle" 1.5 wood

    -Added option to scale by skin name, example: /setscale "Tempered AK47" 1.25

    -Added option to view all bodyparts (must be ran in-game/as a player, not through console): /scalebp list

    -Chat commands (/scalebp, /setscale) can...
  4. 1.0.7

    -Fix for scale not working properly or really at all
    -General fixes/internal changes
    -Fix for scaling incorrect item
  5. 1.0.6

    Fix for update