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Weapon Damage Scaler

Allows scaling of player damage per weapon/ammo/skin/prefab

Total Downloads: 996 - First Release: Jan 3, 2016 - Last Update: Dec 4, 2017

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  1. Shady757
    Weapon Damage Scaler is a plugin that allows you to scale a player's damage per weapon, and/or ammo type.

    The plugin itself is pretty simple, here's how to scale damages:
    Example of console command usage: weapon.setscale "Assault Rifle" "0.923". This will scale the damage of the Assault Rifle to 0.923.

    Chat command works the same way: /setscale <weaponnname> <x.x>
    Setting ammo is just as easy: /setscale "HV 5.56 Rifle Ammo" 1.2

    To scale a body part, use: /scalebp weapon <weaponname> <body part name> <scale>

    Example: /scalebp weapon "Custom SMG" neck 1.1 - This will scale the weapon's damage to the neck by 1.1.

    Both commands require the permission "weapondamagescaler.setscale"

    Scaling body part damage requires permission "weapondamagescaler.setscalebp"

    Players (or a group) need the permission: "weapondamagescaler.allowed" in order for the scaling to work for them. You can grant it to all players with:
    Code (Text):
    oxide.grant group default weapondamagescaler.allowed
    NOTE : When scaling the pump shotgun, remember that it is scaled for each pellet if buckshot ammo is used.

    Code (Text):

      "GlobalDamageScaler": 1.0,
    Code (Text):

      "noPerms": "You do not have permission to use this command!",
      "invalidSyntax": "Invalid Syntax, usage example: setscale <weaponname> <x.x>",
      "itemNotFound": "Item: \"{item}\" does not exist, syntax example: setscale <weaponname> <x.x>",
      "alreadySameValue": "This is already the value for the selected item!",
      "scaledItem": "Scaled \"{engName}\" ({shortName}) to: {scaledValue}"
    Please post any bugs/suggestions in the thread. Thanks!