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Vote Rewards

Checks if player has voted at TopRustServers | Rust-servers | Rust-serverlists

Total Downloads: 595 - First Release: Apr 29, 2015 - Last Update: May 8, 2015

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  1. Gramexer

    Requires: Player Database !


    If you update from 1.0.0 or lower you need to restart server before plugin works

    This plugin will check if player has voted at toprustservers.com, rust-server.net or rust-serverlists.net

    If player has voted this plugin will give him reward points, which can be used to claim different rewards.


    /vote - Shows a help message to user
    /vote check - Check if player has voted | Sends message if yes/or and adds points -
    /reward -
    List all rewards and your current points
    /reward *name* - Tries to claim named reward

    How to Install

    Just drop it to plugins folder
    Change API key in config to your own

    rslAPIKey = Rust-serverlist.net ApiKey
    rslServerID = Your server id at Rust-serverlist.net
    rssAPIKey = rust-servers.net ApiKey
    trsAPIKey = toprustservers.com ApiKey

    How to change rewards

    You Add/Modify kits on its config file. http://jsoneditoronline.org/ is a handy tool to check if JSON is valid.

    Default Config - vote.json
    Code (Text):

      "Messages": {
      "Broadcast": "[color #ff0000]You don't have enough points! Need: ",
      "HelpMessage": "Vote us at http://toprustservers and earn some sweet voter rewards today!",
      "HelpMessage2": "type [color cyan]/vote check[/color] to claim your points and [color cyan]/reward[/color] to see all possible rewards",
      "NotEnoughpoints": "[color #ff0000]You don't have enough points! Need: ",
      "rslAlreadyVoted": "You have already voted us at Rust-serverlist.net! (You can vote every 24h)",
      "rslHasVoted": "Thanks for voting us at Rust-serverlist.net",
      "rslNotVoted": "You have not voted us yet at Rust-serverlist.net",
      "rssAlreadyVoted": "You have already voted us at Rust-servers.net! (You can vote every 24h)",
      "rssHasVoted": "Thanks for voting us at Rust-servers.net",
      "rssNotVoted": "You have not voted us yet at Rust-servers.net",
      "trsHasVoted": "Thanks for voting us at TopRustServers",
      "trsNotVoted": "You have not voted us yet at TopRustServer"
      "PointsPerVote": 1,
      "Rewards": {
      "guns": {
      "desc": "Go shoot your enemies",
      "items": {
      "a": {
      "Amount": 1,
      "ItemName": "9mm Pistol"
      "b": {
      "Amount": 100,
      "ItemName": "9mm Ammo"
      "name": "guns",
      "price": 1
      "materials": {
      "desc": "Material pack (100 x WoodPlanks and 50 x Low Quality Metal)",
      "items": {
      "a": {
      "Amount": 100,
      "ItemName": "Wood Planks"
      "b": {
      "Amount": 50,
      "ItemName": "Low Quality Metal"
      "name": "materials",
      "price": 1
      "supply": {
      "desc": "Your very own Supply Signal",
      "items": {
      "a": {
      "Amount": 1,
      "ItemName": "Supply Signal"
      "name": "supply",
      "price": 1
      "rslAPIKey": "xxx",
      "rslServerID": "",
      "rssAPIKey": "xxx",
      "trsAPIKey": "xxx"
    Configurable messages
    Code cleaning/optimizing
    Command to add points manually to players (Admin only)
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