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Give a short gather rate boost with a cooldown afterwards

Total Downloads: 887 - First Release: Nov 28, 2016 - Last Update: Oct 27, 2017

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  1. redBDGR
    Any feedback / ‘constructive criticism’ would be much appreciated.

    This plugin will allow players, with the appropriate permissions, to type a chat command and get a resource gather rate boost for a certain amount of time with a cooldown afterwards.

    Notes :
    • The boostMultiplier setting in the config will multiply the current gather rate on the server (if you already have modified rates). So if you already have a 5x gather rate, setting the boostMultiplier to 2.0 will give the players an overall 10x.
    Permissions :
    The following are the permissions associated with this plugin.
    • turbogather.use - players with this permission can activate the command
    • turbogather.vip - players with this permission get a different gather boost / cooldown time defined in the config
    • turbogather.animal - players with this permission get turbo upon killing animals / players
    • turbogather.admin - players with this permission are able to give other players a turbo boost for x amount of seconds with x amount gather increase
    ( Need help using permissions? - Using Oxide's permission system | Oxide )

    Usage :
    The plugin features a chat command which will turn on "turbo mode"

    • /turbo
    • /giveturbo <playername> <length(seconds)> <multiplier>
    • /globalturbo <length> <multiplier>
    • /cancelglobalturbo
    • giveturbo <playername> <length(seconds)> <multiplier>
    • globalturbo <start/end> <length(seconds)> <multiplier>

    Configuration file :
    Code (Text):
      "Options": {
        "Active time": 30.0,
        "Active time ANIMAL": 30.0,
        "Active time VIP": 30.0,
        "Boost multiplier": 1.0,
        "Boost multiplier ANIMAL": 1.0,
        "Boost multiplier VIP": 1.0,
        "Cooldown time": 600.0,
        "Cooldown time VIP": 600.0
      "Settings": {
        "Activate Turbo on Animal Kill": false,
        "Dispensers enabled": true,
        "Effect Enabled": true,
        "Enabled animals": [
        "Pickups enabled": true,
        "Prefix Name": "[<color=#0080ff>TurboGather</color>]",
        "Quarries enabled": true

    Future features :
    If you have any features that you would like added, feel free to share them.
    • None planned
    Known Issues :
    • None
    • void StartAnimalTurbo(BasePlayer player) - starts the animal turbo
    • void StartTurbo(BasePlayer player) - starts normal turbo(checks if player has normal or VIP permissions as well)
    Feel free to request anything else if you need it
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