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Triggered Explosive Charges

Adds the option to set off C4 manually without a timer

Total Downloads: 1,415 - First Release: Mar 16, 2017 - Last Update: Jun 10, 2018

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  1. EnigmaticDragon
    Triggered Explosive Charges allows players to deploy C4 in two different modes, the standard timed mode, in which C4 explodes after 10 seconds, and the new triggered mode, where C4 explodes when the player triggers it.

    - New Item
    : Trigger
    • right mouse button: switch between timed & triggered mode
    • left mouse button: trigger explosion of all C4 that was deployed in triggered mode
    • Triggers can be obtained in three ways:
      1. from a Trigger Shop
      2. by crafting
      3. using "tec.givetrigger" chat/console command (admins only)
    • admins or players with permission "notrigger" can use chat commands "/tec.mode" and "/tec.explode" to toggle C4 mode and trigger C4 without using a Trigger
    • (it's actually two bone club skins, but pssst... don't tell anyone)
    Trigger_TimedMode.png Trigger_TriggeredMode.png

    - Trigger Shop
    • by using the chat command "/tec.shop" server admins or any player with permission "place" can spawn a shop at their current location
    • shops sell Triggers, the currency and needed amount of currency can be set in the configuration file (default: 5 Tech Trash)
    • shops are indestructible, block building access around them, and are automatically restocked with Triggers
    • alternative use of "/tec.shop" when looking at…
      • … a vending machine: adds Trigger selling order to the vending machine and automatically restocks it with Triggers
      • … a sign: applies the trigger shop image to the sign


    - Trigger Crafting
    • IMPORTANT: Trigger Crafting is disabled by default, because I like the idea, that a player doesn't have to use any chat commands, as if the plugin was a part of the game itself. Trigger Crafting can be enabled in the configuration file for all players or for selected players by giving them permission "triggeredexplosivecharges.crafting".
    • the chat command "/tec.craft" allows players to craft a Trigger provided they have the necessary items in their inventory
    • crafting a Trigger takes two ingredients, the needed items and respective amount can be set in the configuration file (default: 50 High Quality Metal, 2 Tech Trash)



    Chat Commands
    /tec.givetrigger playernameORsteamid optional:amount

    Console Commands
    tec.givetrigger playernameORsteamid optional:amount

    Default Configuration File
    Code (Text):
      "CRAFTING | Allow all players to craft triggers [true,false]": false,
      "CRAFTING | Ingredient 1 for crafting [item shortname]": "metal.refined",
      "CRAFTING | Ingredient 2 for crafting [item shortname]": "techparts",
      "CRAFTING | Needed amount of ingredient 1 [number]": 50,
      "CRAFTING | Needed amount of ingredient 2 [number]": 2,
      "Event Manager | Block trigger usage during events [true, false]": false,
      "SHOP | Currency item for buying a trigger [item shortname]": "techparts",
      "SHOP | Needed amount of currency item [number]": 5
      "TRIGGER | Trigger destroys itself after using it once [true, false]": false,
      "TRIGGERED C4 | Allow C4 pickup (only after beeping got disabled) [true, false]": false,
      "TRIGGERED C4 | Disable beeping sound after duration (minimum: 5; infinite: -1) [seconds]": 10
    Data File
    This plugin creates a data file to store information about Trigger Shops and deployed C4, so a player can still trigger his deployed C4 after he disconnected from the server and connected again.

    Known Issues
    • WARNING: on server restart all deployed explosive charges disappear
    • when a player changes the C4 mode, sometimes the Trigger is not visible in first person view
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