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Allows players to trade items safely at a distance

Total Downloads: 12,000 - First Release: Jul 18, 2015 - Last Update: Dec 30, 2017

5/5, 38 likes
  1. 1.1.7

    • Hook optimization, all hooks are disabled when no trades are active
    • More null checks
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  2. 1.1.6

    • Removed CanNetworkTo entirely (optimization)
    • Changed OnEntityTakeDamage box invulnerability behavior (optimization)
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  3. 1.1.5

    • Experimental release using limitedNetworking
    • Added more null checks
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  4. 1.1.4

    • Fix OnItemAction
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  5. 1.1.3

    • GUI displays when trade partners lack required inventory space
    • Hitting accept or decline when trade is no longer valid will hide the GUI window
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