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Gives players the opportunity to send a ticket to admins

Total Downloads: 4,822 - First Release: May 26, 2015 - Last Update: Oct 31, 2016

4.85185/5, 27 likes
  1. LaserHydra
    Tickets gives players the opportunity to send a message to admins, admins can see those with position etc. Good for reporting exploited bases, bad symbols on signs and more.

    • tickets.admin
    • tickets.wipe

    Commands (Console/Chat):
    • ticket view <ID> view a ticket [Normal users only see their own]
    • ticket create <Message> create a new ticket
    • ticket reply <ID> <Message> reply to a ticket [Normal users can only reply to their own]
    • ticket list list tickets [Normal users only see their own]
    • ticket close <ID> close a ticket [Admin Command]
    • ticket teleport <ID> teleport to a ticket's source position [Admin Command]
    • ticket listclosed list closed tickets [Admin Command]
    • ticket wipe delete all existing tickets [Admin Command - Requires permission 'tickets.wipe']

    Code (Javascript):
      "Closed Sign": "[#262626][[#red]CLOSED[/#]][/#]",
      "Notify About Closing": true,
      "Notify About New Tickets": true,
      "Notify About Replies": true,
      "Notify About Wipes": true,
      "Open Sign": "[#262626][[#C4FF00]OPEN[/#]][/#]",
      "Slack Channel": "general",
      "Title": "[#262626][[#C4FF00]Tickets[/#]][/#]",
      "Use Email API": false,
      "Use Push API": false,
      "Use Slack": false
    Code (Javascript):
      "Ticket List Item": "{Status} [#C4FF00]Ticket #{ID}[/#] by {Creator}",
      "Ticket List Empty": "{Title} There are no tickets.",
      "Ticket Created": "{Title} You have successfuly created a ticket (#{ID})",
      "Ticket View": "{Title} {Status} Viewing Ticket #{ID} by {Creator}:\r\n\r\n{Replies}",
      "Reply": "[#C4FF00]{Author}[/#] - {Date}\r\n{Message}",
      "Date Format": "{Day}.{Month}.{Year} {Hour}:{Minute}",
      "Ticket Closed": "{Title} You successfully closed ticket #{ID}.",
      "Replied To Ticket": "{Title} You replied to ticket #{ID}.",
      "Teleported To Ticket": "{Title} You teleported to ticket #{ID}.",
      "Teleported Not Found": "{Title} Ticket #{ID} could not be found.",
      "Reply Notification": "New Reply to Ticket #{ID}:\r\n{Reply}",
      "Created Notification": "New Ticket #{ID}:\r\n{Reply}",
      "Closed Notification": "Ticket #{ID} was closed by {Admin}",
      "Ticket Is Closed": "{Title} Ticket #{ID} is closed. No further replies are allowed.",
      "Already Closed": "{Title} Ticket is closed already."