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Protects sleeping players from being killed by animals

Total Downloads: 2,988 - First Release: Jun 9, 2016 - Last Update: Jul 24, 2017

5/5, 7 likes
  1. FuJiCuRa
    This plugin simply does protect Sleepers from being killed by Animals.
    The attacking animal will turn into "Flee"-mode once it attacks.

    Per default this is activated for all players. This can be changed in config-file by setting Use Permissions to 'true'.
    The check for sleeping on top of foundation can be activated with "Required to sleep ON foundation > true".
    After a change run in console 'reload SleeperAnimalProtection'.

    You need to grant permission (if active) to group or user:
    'grant group default sleeperanimalprotection.active' OR
    'grant user johndoe sleeperanimalprotection.active'

    Default Config 'SleeperAnimalProtection.json':
    Code (C#):

      "Settings": {
        "Permission name": "sleeperanimalprotection.active",
        "Required to sleep ON foundation": false,
        "Use permissions": false