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Earn reward points in various ways and spend them on many different options in the GUI reward store

Total Downloads: 9,527 - First Release: Mar 2, 2016 - Last Update: Dec 8, 2017

5/5, 60 likes
  1. 0.4.64

    • Use string method for Economics call to fix Oxide calling wrong hook signature
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  2. 0.4.63

    • Updated for Economics changes
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  3. 0.4.62

    Added option to add items as blueprints. Simply add "bp" to the end of the add item command to make that item a blueprint

    ex. (Chat) "/rewards add item 10 bp" - Add the item in your hands as a blueprint, for a cost of 10RP

    ex. (Console) "rewards add rifle.ak 0 1 10 bp" - Add a Assault Rifle blueprint with skin ID 0, amount of 1, for a cost of 10RP
  4. 0.4.6

    Fixed missing items in NPC loot lists
    All inventory items will display in the sell window, with a message that states items that can't be sold
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  5. 0.4.55

    Generate UI for newly added npc's to prevent OnUseNPC error
    Additional checks for above issue
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