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Donation and payment platform

Total Downloads: 587 - First Release: Sep 16, 2016 - Last Update: Oct 6, 2016

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  1. Vitrify
    Rusted.store is currently in beta. If you encounter any issues, please report them on the Oxide thread, PM me, or email rusted.store@gmail.com

    What is rusted.store?

    rusted.store is a payment platform for your Oxide powered server. While it is specifically streamlined for Rust, it will work universally for any Oxide platform.

    What can I sell to my users?
    You can sell anything that you can run as a console command. This includes currency, items, permissions, and more.

    How do I set it up? (video)
    1. Put the plugin in your oxide/plugins folder and restart your server
    2. Sign up at rusted.store | Payment Plugin for Oxide Rust Servers, and set up your PayPal email and your Store Name
    3. Sign into your rust server, and type /donate config, fill it out with the information in your rusted.store account.
    4. Add package(s) on the rusted.store website
    How do players use it? (video)
    1. Type /donate, a list of packages will be shown
    2. Type /donate PACKAGE_ID - for example, /donate 1
    3. Visit the given URL, and pay for the package via PayPal
    4. Type /donate claim (May take up to 5 minutes for payment to go through, but it's usually within 30 seconds)
    Create your rusted.store account to get started
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