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Can Increase the speed of all BaseOven types

Total Downloads: 57,072 - First Release: May 27, 2015 - Last Update: Jun 13, 2018

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  1. Jake Rich
    << This was initially created by @apocdev >>

    QuickSmelt allows you to increase the speed of cooking and smelting The default values in the config offer simple 1x production. By default, this is enabled for everyone, even if they don't have the permission. The permission only works if 'UsePermissions' is set to true in the config.


    This plugin uses Oxide's permission system if enabled. To assign a permission, use grant user <username|steamid> <permission>. To remove a permission, use revoke user <username|steamid> <permission>.
    • quicksmelt.allow (allows player to benefit from features)
      Ex. grant user Wulf quicksmelt.allow
      Ex. revoke user Wulf quicksmelt.allow
      Ex. grant group moderator quicksmelt.allow

    Config Simplified:
    The old config file was near impossible to use. It is now simplified:

    Multiplier for furnace speed.
    WoodRate: Multiplier for wood used by furnace. Recommended to set this equal to smelt speed.
    CharcoalRate: Conversion rate of wood to charcoal. Default is 0.7. (70%). Recommended to set this to 1.0
    CanCookFoodInFurnace: Will Furnaces cook food like a campfire.
    UsePermissions: Will only apply increased smelting rate for players with the permission quicksmelt.allow. This is turned off by default: increased smelting rate is server wide.

    Easier To Configure:

    Admins can now change the settings ingame, never needing to touch a config file.

    Use the command quicksmelt to see all settings, and the commands to modify them.


    Version 3.0.0 And Lower Only!! (Old Config Files)


    OvenMultipliers (entityname and multiplier) lets you control the multiplier for each type (limits are 0.1-10.0)
    Anything below 1.0 will slow it down.

    AmountsOfBecome (1 - x) lets you raise for each type the output per tick.

    CookTimes (itemname and time) in seconds lets you control the cooktime for each itemtype (1.0 - x.x) . (lower=faster; higher=slower)

    CharcoalPercentLoss (0-100) lets you lower the charcoal output.
    Default loss is 25. A setting of 100 does produce no charcoal.

    OvercookMeat (true / false) prevents meat from becoming overcooked/burnt.

    CookInFurnaces (true / false) allows cookinh of meat/fish in furnaces.
    Allows also smelting of ore in campfires.

    CharcoalMultiplier allows the multiplication of the charcoal output.

    WoodFuelAmount (0.1 - x.x) can speed up the wood consumption on overall lowered cooktimes. The charcoal output stays the same.

    UsePermissions (true / false) toggles the use of the permission to enable the plugin's features only for specific players.

    Note: this plugin does not cause materials to smelt into "extra" until you change AmountsOfBecome. Without changing AmountsOfBecome you still lose the same amount of pre-smelt items, and gain the correct amount of post-smelt items in return. Then it's not a count increase. Simply a speed increase.

    You can configure the settings in the QuickSmelt.json file under the oxide/config directory.
      "AmountsOfBecome": {
        "can_beans_empty": 15,
        "can_tuna_empty": 10,
        "chicken_raw": 1,
        "crude_oil": 3,
        "fish_raw": 1,
        "hq_metal_ore": 1,
        "humanmeat_raw": 1,
        "meat.bear.raw": 1,
        "meat.pork.raw": 1,
        "meat.wolf.raw": 1,
        "metal_ore": 1,
        "sulfur_ore": 1
      "CharcoalMultiplier": 1,
      "CharcoalPercentLoss": 25,
      "CookInFurnaces": false,
      "CookTimes": {
        "can_beans_empty": 30.0,
        "can_tuna_empty": 30.0,
        "chicken_raw": 30.0,
        "crude_oil": 10.0,
        "fish_raw": 20.0,
        "hq_metal_ore": 20.0,
        "humanmeat_raw": 30.0,
        "meat.bear.raw": 30.0,
        "meat.pork.raw": 30.0,
        "meat.wolf.raw": 30.0,
        "metal_ore": 10.0,
        "sulfur_ore": 5.0
      "OvenMultipliers": {
        "campfire": 1.0,
        "ceilinglight.deployed": 1.0,
        "furnace": 1.0,
        "furnace.large": 1.0,
        "jackolantern.angry": 1.0,
        "jackolantern.happy": 1.0,
        "lantern.deployed": 1.0,
        "refinery_small_deployed": 1.0,
        "tunalight.deployed": 1.0
      "OvercookMeat": false,
      "UsePermissions": false,
      "WoodFuelAmount": 10.0