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Do you want a pet? This plugin is for you!

Total Downloads: 10,000 - First Release: Mar 22, 2015 - Last Update: Oct 27, 2017

4.62791/5, 43 likes
  1. 0.6.2

    Fixed for Rust ClientRPCPlayer changes
  2. 0.6.1

    Fixed pet inventory not accepting items
    Fixed sleepy animals
    Added command to make animal drink by targeting water
    Added notifications when your pet is hungry or tired. A hungry pet will try to sleep alot
    Your pet will now gain health whilst sleeping
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  3. 0.6.0

    Delete your old config before updating!

    Reworked and updated to support recent Rust changes by using Unity's NavMesh system
    Changed permissions to match Oxide requirements
    Added localisation
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  4. 0.5.6

    - rust update
  5. 0.5.5

    - rust update