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Do you want a pet? This plugin is for you!

Total Downloads: 12,569 - First Release: Mar 22, 2015 - Last Update: Jun 11, 2018

4.63636/5, 44 likes

  1. k1lly0u
    Tame wild animals and have them as pets for your players

    * This plugin requires you to have navmesh enabled on your server!

    Chat Commands
    /pet - Enable/disable the pet controller for your player
    /pet help - Show the help menu
    /pet draw - Toggle the draw marker system
    /pet free - Release control of your pet
    /pet sleep - Put your pet to sleep/wake them up
    /pet info - Display current statistics for you pet

    pets.bear - Players with this permission can tame bears
    pets.boar - Players with this permission can tame boars
    pets.chicken - Players with this permission can tame chickens
    pets.horse - Players with this permission can tame horses
    pets.stag - Players with this permission can tame stags
    pets.wolf - Players with this permission can tame wolfs

    Taming an animal
    You can tame an animal quite simply. Type /pet to activate your pet controller, then stand next to any animal and press the USE key (default). There is a adjustable cool down for taming animals in the config

    Issuing commands to your pet (You can set the command keys in the config)
    There are 2 keys you can use to control your pet.

    The 'USE' key (default) is used to tell your pet to move, attack, and eat.

    To issue a move order look at the position you want your NPC to move to and press the USE key. A cyan arrow will appear at the position and your pet will move there. If you have follow enabled the pet will make its way back to you

    To feed your pet look at a dead player or animal and press the USE key. The draw system will display a yellow arrow and you will be notified in chat that your pet is trying to eat. This will replenish its energy. A pet will low energy will try to sleep alot.

    To issue a attack order look at a target (enemy player or animal) and press the USE key. A red arrow will appear on the target and your pet will begin pursuit. If the target gets too far away from your pet it will give up and return

    To open your pets inventory, simply stand next to your pet and press the USE key to open.

    These commands are represented by the draw system if it is enabled in the config (explained below)

    The 'RELOAD' key (default) is used to command your pet to stay/follow

    The draw system
    The draw system is very simple, when you give a command to your pet the plugin will show your target. There 3 types of arrow indicators
    cyan: Represents a move order
    red: Represents an attack order
    yellow: Represents and eat order.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Button names - For use in changing the pet command buttons. Be sure to type them as you see them
      "Control buttons": { // These can be swapped out to any button listed above
        "Follow player toggle button": "RELOAD",
        "Npc command control button": "USE"
      "Options": {
        "Maximum distance before your pet will ignore a target": 70.0, // The maximum distance between your pet and its target before it gives up the chase
        "Maximum distance to open your pets inventory": 1.0, // The maximum distance you can be to open your pets inventory
        "Maximum distance to tame an pet": 10.0, // The maximum distance you can be away from an animal to tame it
        "Time between taming pets": 60.0, // The cooldown for taming animals
        "Use the Ddraw system": true, // Toggle the draw system globally
        "Use the permission system": false // Requires the player has the appropriate permission to tame the target animal
      "Pet statistic modifiers": { // Adjust your pets base statistics using these multipliers
        "Attack damage": 2.0,
        "Health": 1.5,
        "Speed": 1.0
    Credit to Nogrod and Bombadier for the original versions