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Tracks the who, when, and what of note edits

Total Downloads: 215 - First Release: Jun 6, 2017 - Last Update: Nov 3, 2017

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  1. PsychoTea
    NoteTracker is a simple plugin which lets admins see who has edited a note, with what text they edited the note to read, and at what time the edit took place.

    When a note is edited, the changes are recorded, and the information saved to disk, where it can later be accessed by an admin with the /noteinfo command. This is great to help admins enforce rules and combat homophobic and racist hate speech passed via notes.

    Note: please bear in mind that the time stamps are saved in UTC (+0:00), meaning that you may have to adjust the timestamp for your timezone

    Another note: timestamps are in the mm:dd:yyyy format



    - /noteinfo - tells you all the information about the note you have in your hotbar

    - notetracker.admin - you will need this or admin powers to use the /noteinfo command

    Any questions or suggestions please feel free to ask in the attached thread.