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Meteors fall around the map. Treasures can be found where it lands.

Total Downloads: 4,822 - First Release: Jun 3, 2016 - Last Update: Nov 13, 2017

5/5, 16 likes

  1. Wulf
    Co-Author: SouZa


    French tutorial by @Zatieu82 : YOUTUBE VIDEO LINK


    With this plugin, meteors will fall near a random landmark. When the meteor falls, all players are warned about it, and they have some minutes to reach the place. After these minutes, when the landed meteor gets cold, some good loot will spawn.

    The idea behind this plugin is to make something that brings many players together, fighting each other for some prize. In a test server, this worked great on starting big fights around the meteor fall sites.

    The time interval between meteor falls, the duration of the heat (time until the loot spawn), the places were it falls, the loot rate and loot table are all configurable. You can make something like 2 meteors a day, dropping C4, gear and ores, or 24 meteors a day, dropping only flint an ashes. Adjust it for your server style!

    * - For this pretty visual of the video, enable "Bloom" in your graphics settings.

    Players commands:
    • /meteor -> shows when there will be an meteor, or shows where and for how long there is a meteor already in the ground.

    Admin commands:
    • /meteor help - Shows a list of admin commands.
    • /throwmeteor <player name or fallsite ID> - Throw a meteor at a player (just for fun, this one doesn't drop loot), or at a fall site (use the ID from /listfallsites).
    • /setmeteorsheatduration <minutes> - Set how long does it take for the meteor to spawn loot and be destroyed.
    • /setmeteorsenabled <1/0/true/false> - Enable/disable automatic meteors.
    • /setmeteorslootfactor <rate number> - Set the rate applied over loot drop chances. This is applied over the players count dependent drop rate.
    • /setmeteorsinterval <minutes> - Set the interval of time between meteor falls.
    • /listfallsites - Shows the list of current saved fall sites.
    • /addfallsite <area radius> <display name> - Add to the fall sites your current position. The radius is the area around you where the meteor can fall, and display name is the name seen in the global messages.
    • /removefallsite <fallsite ID> - Remove from the list the fall site with the specified index.

    Configuration file:
    "oxide/config/Meteors.json" This file is generated with default values if missing.

      "Settings": {
        "Meteors": {
          "MeteorInterval": "90",
          "MeteorsEnabled": "1",
          "MeteorsHeatDuration": "10",
          "MeteorsLootFactor": "0.8"
    • MeteorInterval: The amound of time between automatic meteor falls.
      Can be set with /setmeteorsinterval <minutes>
    • MeteorsEnabled: Enable (1) or disable (0) the automatic meteors falls.
      Can be set with /setmeteorsenabled <1|0|true|false>
    • MeteorsHeatDuration: The amount of time until the loot spawn.
      Can be set with /setmeteorsheatduration <minutes>
    • MeteorsLootFactor: The factor applied over drop rates of every item.
      Can be set with /setmeteorslootfactor <value>

    Meteor fall sites file:
    "oxide/data/MeteorsFallSites.json". Generated with default values when missing.

    This is where the locations of meteor falls is kept. Avoid editing this file manually. Use the ingame commands /addfallsite and /removefallsite instead.

    Meteor loot table file:
    "oxide/data/MeteorsLootItems.json". Generated with default values when missing.
    This file holds a table with information of items that can drop on a meteor. Each entry (as many as you like) should follow the very strict format:

    You can add/remove/edit any item in there. But be carefull to follow the format correctly.

    Feel free to ask for help, or give your opinion to me. This plugin can be improved a lot with your help.

    Special thanks to:
    SouZa - For the huge help on testing, findings bugs and general problems. And for the good work on the explosions effect. And the video.
    Speedy2M & KnightHawk - For the help on testing with that great server where we could test and find eccentric bugs that wouldn't occur on our small test servers, and for the plugin icon.