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Magic Sets

Gearset presets

Total Downloads: 449 - First Release: Jan 20, 2017 - Last Update: Mar 9, 2017

5/5, 5 likes

  1. Norn
    What is this?
    Magic Sets is a simple plugin that allows users to create gearset presets to save their preferred outfits.

    It will recreate the set they have saved and charge them the full amount for every item, allowing them to create an entire gearset without creating each item again manually.


    /sets [add | remove | create | list | clear]
    - add [name] > Adds a new gearset preset.
    - remove [name] > Removes a gearset preset by name.
    - list > Lists all gearset presets.
    - clear > Clears every gearset preset user has saved.
    - create [name] > Creates a gearset based on set name.

    Default Configuration:
      "Settings": {
        "SetLimit": 2,
        "SetLimitVIP": 5