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Magic Craft

Alternative crafting system

Total Downloads: 6,204 - First Release: Sep 18, 2015 - Last Update: Oct 13, 2017

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  1. Norn
    Magic Craft is an alternative crafting system (or lack thereof), it's a way to bypass the traditional system of crafting on specific items.

    What's the point of that you ask?
    Well for a start, gunpowder can actually be insta and none of the UI lag that I've seen people complaining about for example. That's just one example.

    Can I use this at the same time as other crafting plugins such as "Crafting Controller"?
    Yes, indeed you can.


    grant group player "MagicCraft.able"
    grant user "Norn" "MagicCraft.able"
    Default Configuration:
      "Cooldown": {
        "Enabled": true,
        "Timer": 6,
        "Trigger": 499
      "Dependencies": {
        "PopupNotifications": false
      "Internal": {
        "Protocol": 1923
      "Messages": {
        "Enabled": true,
        "ItemCrafted": false,
        "ItemFailed": true
      "Settings": {
        "BypassInvFull": true,
        "IgnoreProtocolChanges": false
    Configuration Information:
    Enabled : True = Whether cooldown is enabled.
    Timer : 6 = Time before user will be allowed to craft again.
    Trigger: 499 = Triggered when 499 crafted in Craft Menu.

    PopupNotifications : False = If you want to use PopupNotifications, dependency required.

    Internal : Not for user to edit.

    Enabled : True = Whether messages are enabled in their entirety.
    ItemCrafted : false = Show "You have crafted" messages...
    ItemFailed : true = Show reason to user why Magic Craft failed...

    BypassInvFull : true = Bypass Magic Craft when inventory full. (Recommended)
    IgnoreProtocolChanges : false = If set to true, items won't be reset on protocol change.

    How to use:
    Navigate to /data/MagicCraft.json and search for whatever item you are modifying the crafting/bulk crafting on.

    Here is what an item in the data file will look like, in this case I'm using gunpowder as an example.
    "gunpowder": {
          "MaxBulkCraft": 999,
          "MinBulkCraft": 1,
          "displayName": "Gun Powder",
          "shortName": "gunpowder",
          "description": "Made from Sulphur and Charcoal.",
          "Enabled": false
    MaxBulkCraft = If amount crafted is over this, then MagicCraft will not take effect.
    MinBulkCraft = If amount crafted is below this, then MagicCraft will not take effect.
    Enabled = true/false (false by default)