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In-game map and minimap GUI

Total Downloads: 39,446 - First Release: Sep 8, 2015 - Last Update: Dec 29, 2017

5/5, 159 likes
  1. 2.1.39

    Added the 3 quarries and junkyard to monuments
    Created new car icon cause the other one was shit

    Make sure you get the latest icon pack ( Plugin Attachments | CHAOS_CODE ) and use the 'resetmap' command after uploading the new icons

    Credit to @PryMary for the icons!
  2. 2.1.36

    Switched to Enqueue method from deprecated EnqueueGet method
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  3. 2.1.35

    The config has changed! Backup your old config and delete it before updating

    You will need to re-download the icon pack to get the new icons, credit to @DEUSNEXUS for the gas station and supermarket icons

    Added supermarket
    Added gas station
    Added tank marker
    Added config option to disable tank markers
    Added car marker (only shows if car is unoccupied)
    Added config option to disable car...
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  4. 2.1.31

    Fix for missing rocket icon
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  5. 2.1.3