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Creates a kill count for each player. Displays on the death notice.

Total Downloads: 1,172 - First Release: May 16, 2016 - Last Update: Nov 14, 2017

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  1. Mr. Blue
    KillCounter is a simple plugin for Hurtworld. Creates a kill count for each player and displays it on the death notice.

    You can click Download Now to get the plugin or Ask Questions / Get Support if you have any questions, on the right side of this web page. There is also a Support the Developer button if you enjoy the plugin and can contribute :)


    • No permission required to have a kill count.
    • killcounter.use for player commands (Don't need if is Admin).
    • killcounter.mod for moderator commands (Don't need if is Admin).
    How to grant permissions
    Use following CHAT commands to grant permissions:
    • /oxide.grant user <player> <permission> grant permission to player
    • /oxide.grant group <group> <permission> grant permission to group
    Configuration File
    I will be updating this section when a new version of this plugin has changes in the configuration file. Currently the default configuration file is composed like this:

    Code (Text):
      "Settings": {
        "KillCount_Exclusion": {
          "SameClan": true,
          "SameStake": true
        "Reset_all_onLoad": false
    Settings - KillCount_Exclusion
    • SameClan - If set to true, killing players from same clan will not increase kill count.
    • SameStake - If set to true, killing players from same OwnershipStake will not increase kill count.
    Settings - Reset_all_onLoad - If set to true, the kill count data will be reseted each time the plugin loads (for example: on server restart).

    Player commands
    • /kills - See amount of kills you made.
    • /killtop - See top 5 killers.

    Moderator commands
    • /kc - Shows all commands.
    • /kc reset <player> - Resets a player kill count.
    • /kc resetall - Resets all players kill count.
    To Do List
    Suggested by @RogerHN
    - Ranking system.
    - Command to show ranking.
    - Broadcast top killers. Choose how many to display.

    Suggested by @ChinaSu
    - Add a death counter also. (Player kill and death). Maybe k/d ratio also.

    Make suggestions on the Ask Questions / Get Support button!


    Special Thanks to: @Speedy2M for the awesome plugin icon for oxide.
    Original creator: @SouZa
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