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Ignore API

An API to manage an ignore list

Total Downloads: 1,895 - First Release: May 25, 2015 - Last Update: Apr 2, 2016

5/5, 5 likes

  1. Nogrod
    This is an API plugin that doesnt do anything alone besides managing an ignore list. To make use of that youo need another plugin using it.


    Chat commands:
    /ignore <add(+)/remove(-)> <name/steamID> to add or remove someone
    /ignore list to show your ignore list

    Usage for plugin devs
    To call the functions from this API your plugin needs to get the plugin instance.
    private Plugin Ignore;
    var added = Ignore.Call("AddIgnore", playerSteamId, targetSteamId)
    Available functions
    AddIgnore(playerSteamId, targetSteamId)
    Adds <targetSteamId> to <playerSteamId> ignore list
    returns <true> if player was added, <false> if player couldnt be added
    RemoveIgnore(playerSteamId, targetSteamId)
    removes <targetSteamId> from <playerSteamId> ignore list
    returns <true> if removed, <false> if not
    HasIgnored(playerSteamId, targetSteamId)
    returns <true> if <playerSteamId> has <targetSteamId> on ignore, <false> if not
    IsIgnoredBy(playerSteamId, targetSteamId)
    returns <true> if <playerSteamId> is ignored by <targetSteamId>, <false> if not
    AreIgnored(playerSteamId, targetSteamId)
    returns <true> if both have each other on their ignore list, <false> if not
    returns a table with playerSteamId's ignore list.

    For lua api just append "S" to the hook names to pass steamid as string.