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Players can fly the Patrol Helicopter

Total Downloads: 7,816 - First Release: Jan 9, 2017 - Last Update: Apr 5, 2018

5/5, 46 likes

  1. Colon Blow
    REQUIRED : Player needs to be able to use Admin NOCLIP.
    by being a admin, or my FauxAdmin plugin.
    (FauxClip does not work)

    Chute plugin OPTIONAL to allow players to parachute out of helicopter when they blow up or when player toggles Noclip off (which blows heli up too). If plugin not installed, you will get a warning message in server console about it. Does not effect helicopter portion.

    Vanish Plugin OPTIONAL. Use this to hide your player body while flying Helicopter. Built in UseAutoVanish feature is available to set to TRUE, if plugin sees the Vanish plugin installed. Default is False.

    Player has to be Admin with permissions, or player that can noclip via plugin like Fauxclip and have permissions.

    Allows Player to Simulate Flying the patrol helicopter. Player can toggle the Player Helicopter, which will follow player really closely while they are Noclipping. Player can then shoot the helicopters guns, rockets and use spotlight at night.

    Custom cockpit overlay and crosshairs can be disabled via config file.
    Or by console commands hidecockpit or showcockpit.

    A custom status bar with Rockets / Napalm left and current Helicopter health will also show up when flying.

    Once player helicopter is enabled, they can fly around and use helicopters weapons with Mouse buttons. left, right and middle and reload. Spot light will automatically come on at night and point where player is looking.

    If helicopters health drops below 30%, player will then see a "broken glass" overlay is the cockpit overlay is enabled, showing they are almost dead.

    If player toggles noclip off, helicopter will fall to earth and player will then get a parachute if enabled.

    If helicopter dies, player will detach from helicopter, and if enabled, parachute down to earth. Helicopter will fall and explode and spawn crates if enabled.

    Chat Command: /flyheli
    Allows authorized player to turn on/off the player helicopter.

    F1 Console Command : flyheli
    Allows authorized player to turn on/off the player helicopter.

    F1 Console Command : hidecockpit
    Hides the helicopters cockpit overlay while flying. Bind a key for quick toggling.

    F1 Console Command : showcockpit
    Shows the helicopters cockpit overlay while flying after it was hidden. Bind a key for quick toggling.

    Default Rust 'DUCK' key :
    This will move player helicopter in a straight down motion as if to "land"


    Example: To allow myself to fly heli I would use in server console
    oxide.grant user "colon blow" heliride.allowed
    Weapon Toggle:
    Mouse Button Left - Guns
    Mouse Button Right - normal Rockets
    Mouse Middle Button (press down) - napalm Rockets

    Default Rust 'RELOAD' key :
    This will reload Rockets and Napalm within the time specified in config.

    Configuration (located in servername/oxide/config)
      "BulletDamage": 50.0,
      "Max Napalm Loaded": 36.0,
      "Max Rockets Loaded": 36.0,
      "RocketDelay": 0.2,
      "RocketNapalmReloadTime": 20.0,
      "ShowCockpitOverlay": true,
      "ShowCrosshair": true,
      "SpawnCrates": false,
      "UseAutoVanish": false,
      "UseParachutes": true
    Language File (located in servername/oxide/lang)
      "notallowed": "You are not allowed to access that command.",
      "notflying": "You must be noclipping to activate Helicopter.",
      "noheli": "You are not flying a helicopter."
    Future Updates :
    - configurable damages.
    - add permissions for rockets and napalm usage.
    - add option to manually toggle spot light off/on at night or day.
    - add config option to change URL of cockpit overlay and crosshair easily.