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GPay Auto Donation System

Allows you to accept donations for items automatically

Total Downloads: 1,015 - First Release: Mar 22, 2017 - Last Update: Mar 24, 2018

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  1. Soccerjunki
    SETUP GUIDE : How to Setup Rust with GPAY 2.0

    You need to register at Game Pay to get your secret key!
    Once you have registered click setup on the left hand side navigation bar and then click rust. Your secret key is displayed at the top in blue.

    GPay for Rust is the easiest free* way to start collecting online donations for your private server. Easily integrate with your existing platform with little to no coding experience. First create an account at gpay.io and then click on the product drop down. You can start adding your products from there. You can add images, descriptions pricing to your liking and even customise the store layout if you choose with different store templates!

    After you've created your gpay.io account:

    1. Drag the plugin file into your oxide mod plugins folder

    2. Once you've done this, either type oxide.reload GPay or restart your server

    3. Login to your server and type /setupgpay SECRETKEYHERE
    (You can obtain your secret key, by going logging into gpay and clicking the settings tab).

    4. Follow the rest of this guide: How to Setup Rust with GPAY 2.0

    Boom, you're ready to go!

    Link players to your new online store URL: For example app.gpay.io/store/yourservername (You can change the default link when people type /donate by editing the language file for GPay in the oxide mod directory

    There they can purchase and donate to their hearts delight, putting money back in your pocket for future sever operations!

    Players can claim their items by typing /claimdonation

    Once again, GPay for Rust is a completely free way to start earning money on your online server, with little set up required and almost no coding experience.

    If you need any help, we have a round the clock support team available to get you up and running.

    Chat Commands:
    • donate -> Provides a link to your donation store
    • setupgpay SECRETKEYHERE -> Sets up gpay with your secret key.
    • claimdonation -> Claims any donations the user has purchased from the store.
    *gPay charges a transaction fee per transaction, but is free to use and integrate!