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Universal friends plugin. Compatible with BattleLink.

Total Downloads: 5,124 - First Release: Sep 7, 2016 - Last Update: Nov 19, 2017

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  1. dcode
    This plugin is a basic building block for other plugins to utilize through its API.


    • /friends
      Displays your friends list and essential usage instructions

    • /addfriend NAME...
      Adds a player to your friends

    • /removefriend NAME...
      Removes a player from your friends

    • /fm|f MESSAGE...
      Broadcasts a message to all of your friends

    • /pm|m "NAME..." MESSAGE...
      Sends a private message to the specified player

    • /rm|r MESSAGE...
      Replies to the last message received
    You can also use the respective unique player id (i.e. Steam ID) instead of a player's name in case that there are multiple players using the same name.

    For detailed installation, configuration and API instructions, see:
    To report a bug or suggest a feature, simply open an issue:
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