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Allows players to use weapons to fish ingame

Total Downloads: 4,261 - First Release: Dec 20, 2015 - Last Update: Feb 7, 2018

5/5, 23 likes
  1. 1.3.3

    Colon Blow
    Changed the random loot treasure spawn to standard default loot crates.
    Server admins should be able to adjust loot tables via standard loot plugins such as Alphaloot.

    Standard Crates that Can spawn are:
    Basic - "assets/bundled/prefabs/radtown/crate_basic.prefab",
    Elite - "assets/bundled/prefabs/radtown/crate_elite.prefab",
    Mine - "assets/bundled/prefabs/radtown/crate_mine.prefab",
    Normal - "assets/bundled/prefabs/radtown/crate_normal.prefab",
    Normal2 -...
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  2. 1.3.2

    Colon Blow
    Please Delete Language File and reload plugin if you have any issues !!!!

    - Added Red cooldown timer when hitting water to fish or shooting at water to fish.
    - Fixed issue where player was unable to fish when there where way far out to sea. Was giving error that player needs to be looking at water. should be fixed.
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  3. 1.3.1

    Colon Blow
    - minor fix for OnWounded spamming
  4. 1.3.0

    Colon Blow
    ** Due to some big changes, Please Delete your Config file and Language file first ***

    - Added new Fishing Mode, players can "Cast" a fishing pole to catch fish now. Just equip a spear and type /castfishingpole. A bobber and on screen timer will show up. then you either catch a fish or not.

    Now you can fish from a boat or base in the water :)

    - Changed a lot of coding to better calculate Chance of catching fish.
    - Added more options to language file.
    - Added...
  5. 1.2.3

    Colon Blow
    - Random Loot Spawn Chest is now random. It can be either Tier 1, 2 or 3 Chest. Not just the Tier 3.

    More updates and tweaks are in the works. hope to have them finished up soon.
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