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Allows players to use weapons to fish ingame

Total Downloads: 4,398 - First Release: Dec 20, 2015 - Last Update: Mar 15, 2018 at 3:55 AM

5/5, 23 likes
  1. Colon Blow
    Update 1.3.1 - NEW !!! Players can now "cast" fishing pole into water to simulate real fishing. Now you can fish from rafts, bases or whatever that are in water.

    Players can use Spear, Bow or Crossbow to fish up fish and minnows from Rivers and Open water areas. Jabbing, Throwing or Shooting Water gives players a chance for a successful catch. Bonuses are granted depending on time of day, quality of weapon, what you wear and have on you. By default, there is a very small chance to pull up a Tier 1, 2 or 3 loot crate. argg...buried treasure mateys !!

    Note: The player FX of catching the fish / sound has been removed for now.

    How to Fish:
    First, Head off and find some water. You need to be within a few meters or even standing in it. Take your Spear and jab the water floor and then you have a chance to haul in a fish. You can also use your Bow or Crossbow to get near the water and shoot at it.

    New!! Or, while holding a spear and looking at water, type /castfishingpole , then a "bobber" (small water bottle) will appear out in water and a countdown bar will appear onscreen. when bar disappears, you will either catch something or not !!

    Note: you do not see any actual fish swimming or anything. You just 'attack' the ground under water for a chance to get a fish.

    Current Available Catch:

    Savis Island Swordfish
    - Common fish (Minnows)
    Hapis Island RazorJaw - Common fish (Small Trout)
    Colon BlowFish - UnCommon fish (2 Small Trout)
    Craggy Island Dorkfish - Rare fish (5 Small Trout), may or may not exist...no one knows. Legend has it, they may resemble rust developers.
    Random Item - by default, if a fish is caught, there is a very small chance to also pull up a loot crate.

    Loot crates include : Basic, Elite, Mine, Normal, Normal2

    fishing.allowed - will allows authorized players / group to be able to fish.

    Code (Text):
    oxide.grant <group|user> <name|id> fishing.allowed

    Example: To allow the group player to use it. (all players)
    oxide.grant group default fishing.allowed

    Example 2 : To just allow a person to use it:
    oxide.grant user "colon blow" fishing.allowed
    Default Configuration File:
    Code (Text):
      "Allow Bonus from Attire": true,
      "Allow Bonus from Item": true,
      "Allow Bonus from Time of Day": true,
      "Allow Bonus from Weapon": true,
      "Allow Random Item Chance": true,
      "Bonus - From Attire (Percentage)": 10,
      "Bonus - From Items (Percentage)": 10,
      "Bonus - From Time of Day (Percentage)": 10,
      "Bonus - From Weapon (Percentage)": 10,
      "Chance - Default to Catch Fish (Percentage)": 10,
      "Chance - Get Random World Item (Percentage)": 1,
      "Enable Timer when Casting Fishing Pole ? ": true,
      "Enable Timer when Spear/Bow Fishing ? ": true,
      "Icon - Url for Common Fish 1": "http://i.imgur.com/rBEmhpg.png",
      "Icon - Url for Common Fish 2": "http://i.imgur.com/HftxU00.png",
      "Icon - Url for Random Item": "http://i.imgur.com/y2scGmZ.png",
      "Icon - Url for Rare Fish 1": "http://i.imgur.com/jMZxGf1.png",
      "Icon - Url for UnCommon Fish 1": "http://i.imgur.com/xReDQM1.png",
      "Show Fish Catch Indicator": true,
      "Ticks to Wait after Fishing Attempt with Casting Pole (1000 is default, approx 10 seconds) ? ": 0,
      "Ticks to Wait after Fishing Attempt with Spear/Bow (1000 is default, approx 10 seconds) ? ": 1000,
      "Treasure - Time to despawn chests : ": 200.0
    Default Language File:
    Code (Text):
      "missedfish": "You Missed the fish....",
      "notlookingatwater": "You must be aiming at water !!!!",
      "notstandinginwater": "You must be standing in water !!!!",
      "alreadyfishing": "You are already fishing !!",
      "toosoon": "Please wait to try that again !!",
      "cantmove": "You must stay still while fishing !!!",
      "wrongweapon": "You are not holding a fishing pole !!!",
      "commonfish1": "You Got a Savis Island Swordfish",
      "commonfish2": "You Got a Hapis Island RazorJaw",
      "uncommonfish1": "You Got a Colon BlowFish",
      "rarefish1": "You Got a Craggy Island Dorkfish",
      "randomitem": "You found something in the water !!!",
      "chancetext1": "Your chance to catch a fish is : ",
      "chancetext2": "at Current time of : "
    Chat Commands:
    /castfishingpole - while looking at water and holding a spear, this will "cast" a fishing line out in the water. A fishing "bobber" (small water bottle) will appear at fishing location. Once the on screen timer goes down. it will return a fish or not. :)
    /fishchance - returns the percentage chance you will catch a fish and the current time of day.

    Modifers to Chance to Catch fish:
    Using Wood Spear or Bow give player default chance to catch fish.
    + Bonus if using a Stone Spear or Crossbow
    + Bonus if wearing Boonie cap
    + Bonus for carrying Pookie Bear on you :)
    + Bonus when Fishing around Sunrise and Sunset times.

    Coming Soon or Ideas :
    - Adding Chances to pull up snake, gator or something bad. Might even hurt player or poison them.

    - Idea : Using boxes placed in rivers / water as fish traps. (facepunch beat me to this one) :)
    - Idea : Possibility of using mining quarry in river as a "Fish Wheel" to gather fish AFK.
    - Idea : Fishing Levels? better chance to pull equipment at higher levels?
    - Idea : Maps with "sunken treasure" marked on them?
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