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A /prod command that gives owner info for sleepers, blocks in crest zones, and any player item

Total Downloads: 44 - First Release: Nov 26, 2017 - Last Update: Dec 4, 2017

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  1. Mordeus
    A simple /prod command while looking at an item or building/block will give you owner and/or guild info, and sleeper name if looking at sleeper.

    *Note* - Doesn't work on blocks outside of crest zone, because there is no owner.


    Currently unable to find the owner of blocks outside of crest zones, not even sure if that is possible because technically there isn't one, but I will keep looking.


    This is so Players not in the admin group can use this if you give them this permission.
    This uses the ROK permission system, not oxides.
    type /permission for help



    lang.API - Yes - oxide/lang

    Wulf and D-Kay

    I gave up on this a while back, and then saw a post by Wulf asking how to check where a player is looking with Raycast in ROK for his Port gun plugin, this gave me the info I was looking for and allowed me to complete this, so thanks, Wulf and D-Kay for that info .