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Death Notes

Broadcasts players and animals deaths to chat

Total Downloads: 55,039 - First Release: Feb 14, 2015 - Last Update: Nov 4, 2017

4.9845/5, 258 likes
  1. LaserHydra
    • deathnotes.see needed to see the messages (if enabled in the config file)
    • deathnotes.customize needed for /deaths
    How to grant permissions:
    Use following CONSOLE commands to grant permissions
    • oxide.grant user <player> <permission> grant permission to player
    • oxide.grant group <group> <permission> grant permission to group
    • /deathnotes show infos about the plugin
    • /deaths show settings
    • /deaths set <field> <value> change a setting
    • All types of deaths
    • UI Notifications
    • Customizeable random messages
    • Various customizeable death informations (Attacker, Victim and animal names, distance, weapon used and
    • Message radius (Recomended for high-populated servers)
    • Custom coloring
    Disabling specific deaths:
    To disable specific kill messages, just make the messages list of the death type you do not want to see empty. Example:
    "AnimalDeath": [],

    Available placeholders:

    DeathNotes provides you with a bunch of placeholders which youc an use inside your messages.
    • {attacker} => attackers name
    • {victim} => victims name
    • {weapon} => weapon used
    • {attachments} => weapon attachments
    • {distance} => distance from attacker to victim
    • {bodypart} => hit bodypart
    • {health} => attackers remaining health
    Configfile (yourserver/oxide/config/DeathNotes.json):
    Code (Javascript):
      "Attachments": {},
      "Bodyparts": {},
      "Messages": {
        "Animal": [
          "A {attacker} followed {victim} until it finally caught him."
        "Animal Sleeping": [
          "{victim} was killed by a {attacker} while having a sleep."
        "AnimalDeath": [
          "{attacker} killed a {victim} with a {weapon}{attachments} from {distance}m."
        "Bleeding": [
          "{victim} bled out."
        "Blunt": [
          "{attacker} used a {weapon} to knock {victim} out."
        "Blunt Sleeping": [
          "{attacker} used a {weapon} to turn {victim}'s dream into a nightmare."
        "Bullet": [
          "{victim} was shot in the {bodypart} by {attacker} with a {weapon}{attachments} from {distance}m."
        "Bullet Sleeping": [
          "Sleeping {victim} was shot in the {bodypart} by {attacker} with a {weapon}{attachments} from {distance}m."
        "Cold": [
          "{victim} became an iceblock."
        "Drowned": [
          "{victim} tried to swim."
        "Explosion": [
          "{victim} was shredded by {attacker}'s {weapon}"
        "Explosion Sleeping": [
          "{victim} was shredded by {attacker}'s {weapon} while sleeping."
        "Fall": [
          "{victim} did a header into the ground."
        "Generic": [
          "The death took {victim} with him."
        "Generic Sleeping": [
          "The death took sleeping {victim} with him."
        "Heat": [
          "{victim} burned to ashes."
        "Helicopter": [
          "{victim} was shot to pieces by a {attacker}."
        "Helicopter Sleeping": [
          "{victim} was sleeping when he was shot to pieces by a {attacker}."
        "HelicopterDeath": [
          "The {victim} was taken down."
        "Hunger": [
          "{victim} forgot to eat."
        "Poison": [
          "{victim} died after being poisoned."
        "Radiation": [
          "{victim} became a bit too radioactive."
        "Slash": [
          "{attacker} slashed {victim} in half."
        "Slash Sleeping": [
          "{attacker} slashed sleeping {victim} in half."
        "Stab": [
          "{victim} was stabbed to death by {attacker} using a {weapon}."
        "Stab Sleeping": [
          "{victim} was stabbed to death by {attacker} using a {weapon} before he could even awake."
        "Structure": [
          "A {attacker} impaled {victim}."
        "Suicide": [
          "{victim} had enough of life."
        "Thirst": [
          "{victim} dried internally."
        "Trap": [
          "{victim} ran into a {attacker}"
        "Turret": [
          "A {attacker} defended its home against {victim}."
        "Unknown": [
          "{victim} died. Nobody knows why, it just happened."
        "Unknown Sleeping": [
          "{victim} was sleeping when he died. Nobody knows why, it just happened."
      "Names": {},
      "Settings": {
        "Attachments Color": "#C4FF00",
        "Attachments Formatting": " ({attachments})",
        "Attachments Split": " | ",
        "Attacker Color": "#C4FF00",
        "Bodypart Color": "#C4FF00",
        "Chat Icon (SteamID)": "76561198077847390",
        "Console Formatting": "{Message}",
        "Distance Color": "#C4FF00",
        "Enable Showdeaths Command": true,
        "Formatting": "[{Title}]: {Message}",
        "Log to File": false,
        "Message Color": "#696969",
        "Message Radius": 300.0,
        "Message Radius Enabled": false,
        "Needs Permission": false,
        "Show NPC Battles": false,
        "Simple UI Hide Timer": 5.0,
        "Strip Colors from Simple UI": false,
        "Title": "Death Notes",
        "Title Color": "#80D000",
        "Use Popup Notifications": false,
        "Use Simple UI": false,
        "Victim Color": "#C4FF00",
        "Weapon Color": "#C4FF00",
        "Write to Console": true
      "Weapons": {}

    Messagefile (yourserver/oxide/lang/en.DeathNotes.json):

    Code (Javascript):
      "No Permission": "You don't have permission to use this command.",
      "Hidden": "You do no longer see death messages.",
      "Unhidden": "You will now see death messages."
    Usage notes:
    • In order for any Config File changes to take effect in game you must reload the plugin. Simply type oxide.reload
      in your server's console.
    • When editing the config- or messagefile, make sure you respect the Config File's quotation marks, commas, braces, square brackets and line indentation, or else you
      may cause plugin malfunctions. You can check that > here <