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Dangerous event with treasure chests.

Total Downloads: 2,081 - First Release: May 20, 2017 - Last Update: Feb 9, 2018

5/5, 24 likes
  1. 1.1.4

    Fix for Rust update

    Additional null check in OnNpcPlayerTarget @pookins

    Added /dtevent custom to toggle a custom event spawn location. Removed if one exists, otherwise set at the location of your player. @Charles E Warren

    To clarify, setting a custom event spawn location will cause all events to spawn at said location. You must remove the location or set it elsewhere if you do not want to always spawn at the set location. Setting no position or...
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  2. 1.1.3

    Fix to destroy codelocks automatically built with AutoCodeLocks plugin @GLasiore
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  3. 1.1.2

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  4. 1.1.1

    Bots no longer drop their weapons on death

    Fixed bots not despawning items when Fireballs were disabled in config

    Bot inventories now despawn regardless of where they die

    Bots are now forced to roam within proximity of the treasure

    Bots will no longer wander inside of rocks

    Added config option 'Show X Z Coordinates' (default: false) @pookins

    Added config option 'Generate Random Names' (default: true) @dak0za
  5. 1.1.0

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