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Prevents items from being crafted if the player's inventory is full

Total Downloads: 2,086 - First Release: Mar 29, 2016 - Last Update: Feb 18, 2017

5/5, 9 likes

  1. Wulf
    CraftSpamBlocker helps prevent players from spamming the server with dropped crafted items if their inventory is full.


    The default messages are in the CraftSpamBlocker.json file under the oxide/lang/en directory. To add support for another language, create a new language folder (ex. de for German) if not already created, copy the default language file to the new folder, and then customize the messages.
      "InventoryFull": "Item not crafted, inventory is full!"
    • LeoCurtss, for the original version of this plugin.
    • CCTV and RHAKOON, for requesting this plugin.