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Allows players to change their name to any colour!

Total Downloads: 3,816 - First Release: Sep 30, 2015 - Last Update: Mar 29, 2017

5/5, 13 likes
  1. PsychoTea
    Allows players to change the colour of their name!

    - /colour {colour} [player] - Sets your name colour. Specify [player] to set another players' colour (if you have permission).
    - /colours - Explains all the colours you can use.

    - colourednames.use - Allows you to use /colour
    - colourednames.bypass - Allows you to bypass colour/hexcode restrictions, of any
    - colourednames.setothers - Allows you to set other players' colours with /colour {colour} {player}

    - Nothing! Shoot me a pm if you'd like me to add anything :)

    If there are any bugs please let me know!
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