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Updates your Cloudflare domains with your server's IP

Total Downloads: 99 - First Release: Mar 20, 2017 - Last Update: Mar 20, 2017

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  1. PsychoTea
    CloudflareUpdater is a plugin which allows you to update your server's IP address to your Cloudflare DNS(s). It's mainly aimed towards those of you running servers on your computers at home - e.g. testing servers - without having to have a static IP.

    Config File:
    If your plugin isn't working, it's probably because you haven't setup your config file properly. So here's how.

    API Key:
    You get this from your Cloudflare domain page. Login to Cloudflare, go to the overview of the domain you wish to update, and click "Get your API key". Then scroll most of the way down, and click "View API Key" next to where it says "Global API Key". This will give you your API key, which looks like a bunch of random alphanumerical characters. Copy this into your config.

    Domain Names - Use Proxy:
    Here's where you specify the domain names you wish to update, including sub domains. Bear in mind you can only update type A domains. Set this to true or false for each domain if you want to use Cloudflare's proxy and DNS (true), or just their DNS (false). For example, in my domain is example.org which I want to use the proxy on, and I have the subdomain play.example.org which I don't want to use the proxy on, it would look like this:
      "Domain Names - Use Proxy": {
        "example.org": true,
        "play.example.org": false
    Note: Having one domain on, and one domain off the proxy, effectively makes the proxy useless, as an attacker can just use the 'off-proxy' domain to bypass Cloudflare's protection.

    Login Email:
    This is simply the login email you use to login to your Cloudflare account.

    Seconds Between Updates:
    This is the number of seconds between refreshes of your IP.

    Zone Name:
    This is your Top Level Domain (TLD). For example, if I own the domain example.org, I'd put example.org for this option.

    If you have any issues/suggestions please make sure to let me know in the plugin thread :)