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Universal clans with alliance support

Total Downloads: 5,731 - First Release: Aug 19, 2016 - Last Update: Oct 21, 2017

5/5, 14 likes
  1. k1lly0u
    Clans plugin for all Oxide supported games.

    BetterChat is required to display clan tags in chat! (Clan tags will be unavailable until BetterChat has been updated to support it)

    ** Note If you are using Rust I recommend using Rust:IO Clans for Rust | Oxide as it has features that can not be achieved in a universal plugin such as clan tags directly in players names, RustIO friends functionality, and RustIO FriendlyFire

    Chat Commands
    /c <message> - Send a message to all clan members
    /a <message> - Send a message to all clan members and allied clans
    /clanhelp - Displays help
    /clanhelp member - Displays commands for clan members
    /clanhelp moderator - Displays commands for clan moderators
    /clanhelp owner - Displays commands for clan owners

    Clan Member Commands
    /clan create <tag> - Create a new clan
    /clan join <tag> - Join a clan if you have a invite
    /clan leave - Leave you current clan
    Clan Moderator Commands
    /clan invite <partialname>
    - Invite a player to join your clan
    /clan invite cancel <partialname/ID> - Cancel a pending invite
    /clan kick <partialname/ID> - Kick a player from your clan
    Clan Owner Commands
    /clan promote <partialname/ID> - Promote a clan member to clan moderator
    /clan demote <partialname/ID> - Demote a clan moderator to clan member
    /clan disband - Disband your clan
    /clan ally request <tag> - Request an alliance with another clan
    /clan ally accept <tag> - Accept an alliance invite
    /clan ally decline <tag> - Decline a alliance request
    /clan ally cancel <tag> - End a clan alliance

    Code (C#):

      "Limitations": {
        "Maximum clan alliance count": 2,
        "Maximum clan member count": 8,
        "Maximum clan moderator count": 2
      "Message colors": {
        "Clan and Alliance chat color": "#3999D5",
        "Clan tag color": "#783CD7",
        "Highlight color": "#D85540",
        "Message color": "#D8D8D8"
      "Settings": {
        "Data save timer (seconds)": 600,
        "Maximum clan tag characters": 6,
        "Minimum clan tag characters": 2,
        "Show clan member connection message": true,
        "Show clan member disconnection message": true
    Code (C#):

    string GetClanTag(string playerID | ulong playerID | IPlayer ) // Returns a string clan tag of the specified player. Returns null if the player or clan is not found

    JArray GetAllClans() // Returns a array of all clan tags

    JObject GetClan(string tag) // Returns a JObject containing all of the specified clans information

    //Available properties:
    // "tag" - (string) clan tag
    // "owner" - (string) clan owner id
    // "moderators" - (JArray) moderator user id's
    // "members" - (JArray) member user id's
    // "invited" - (JArray) invited player user id's
    // "allies" - (JArray) ally clan tags
    // "invitedallies" - (JArray) invited ally clan tags
    These hooks are for the purpose of updating information within external plugins. They have no return behaviour
    Code (C#):
    OnClanCreate(string tag) // Is called when a clan is created
    OnClanUpdate(string tag) // Is called when a clan is updated (player join/leave, invite cancelled, new alliance, cancelled alliance, accepted alliance, etc)
    OnClanDestroy(string tag) // Is called when a clan is disbanded