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Build, spawn, plant, upgrade, deploy anything the way that you want it.

Total Downloads: 19,340 - First Release: Nov 8, 2014 - Last Update: Jul 26, 2018

4.9/5, 50 likes

  1. Reneb
    Video Tutorial

    Chat Commands
    Console Commands
    Button Command
    ATTACK_THIRD (by default it is the middle mouse, being mouse2 in the bindings)
    to change binding key use in console:
    bind KEY +attack3
    1) For better performance, only activate the plugin when you need to use it.
    2) To execute an action you need to right click
    3) You might want to use: server.stability false
    4) You need build.perm in oxide to use the plugin, won't work if you are just admin

    • build.perm
    Build your first foundation or spawn it
    Aim where you want to build your next foundation (aim a side of the first foundation) then
    RIGHT CLICK, to start building, you may hold right click if you want to make a lot of foundation at a time.
    Then you may start using other building elements.

    Animals are now in the list with all the Spawnable entities

    Some deployables can be spawned to the world, some can only be attached to other entities.

    You may spawn anything basically, even elevators, cars, boats, animals, some prefabs like generators, etc
    Some entities might not work, but that's because the plugin gets the entire list of entities and filters some unusable entities but might not filter all of them.

    You can delete something you created, go back when you rotate or heal an entity.
    You can rebuild something you've deleted (might be a bit glitchy as it's basic, but still something usefull)