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[AntiCheat] Log looters for a containers

Total Downloads: 4,998 - First Release: Apr 26, 2015 - Last Update: Jun 19, 2017

5/5, 21 likes
  1. k1lly0u
    Credit for this plugin goes to @4seti , If you like his work consider donating to him HERE
    If you like my work you can shout me a beer by hitting that Support the Developer button

    Why you may need this plugin:

    Investigation of "stolen" goods cases :)
    Player tell you want goods was stolen, you come in his house, point at box where goods was, and just type /box, you will see list of looters for this box, if there is anyone who doesn't live in this house (just ask player about) - this is your cheater.

    Code (C#):

      "LogBoxLoot": true, // Toggle box loot logging
      "LogPlayerLoot": true, // Toggle player loot logging
      "RecordsPerContainer": 10, // Amount of records to keep per container
      "RemoveHours": 48 // Hours of inactivity before records are removed

    - Retrieve information on the box you are looking at
    /box help- Display the help menu
    /box id <number> - Retrieve information on the specified box
    /box near <opt:radius> - Show current and destroyed boxes and their ID numbers within the specified radius
    /box player <partialname/id> - Retrieve loot information about a player
    /box clear - Wipe all box data
    /box save - Manually save box data

    boxlooters.checkbox - Grants player access to the chat commands (for players without authlevel)