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Simple mute system, made for use with BetterChat

Total Downloads: 2,138 - First Release: Jan 9, 2017 - Last Update: Jan 23, 2018

5/5, 10 likes
  1. 1.1.0

    • Added mute reason to commands and api methods
    • Updated messages to include a reason parameter
    • Fixed exception while global mute is active
    • Fixed API_TimeMute hook call and chat message
    When updating from an older version: For the mute reason to appear in the syntax notice and in the chat messages, please delete the BetterChatMute language file and reload the plugin to generate a new one.

    Language file
    Code (Text):
  2. 1.0.8

    * attempting to fix second offset when time muting
    + added API functions
    Code (C#):
    void API_Mute(IPlayer target, IPlayer player, bool callHook = true, bool broadcast = true)
    void API_TimeMute(IPlayer target, IPlayer player, TimeSpan timeSpan, bool callHook = true, bool broadcast = true)
    bool API_Unmute(IPlayer target, IPlayer player, bool callHook = true, bool broadcast = true)
    void API_SetGlobalMute(bool state)
    List<string> API_GetMuteList()
    bool API_GetGlobalMuteState()
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  3. 1.0.7

    + added command
    • toggleglobalmute
    + added permission
    • betterchatmute.use.global

    Global mute can be bypassed by anybody with the permission betterchatmute.use.global
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  4. 1.0.6

    * fixed for BetterChat 5.0.6+
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  5. 1.0.5

    * fixed server console not having permission to mute permanently
    + added hook void OnBetterChatMuteExpired(IPlayer player)
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