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Customize chat colors, formatting, prefix and more

Total Downloads: 22,551 - First Release: Apr 21, 2015 - Last Update: Jan 12, 2018

4.9898/5, 98 likes
  1. 5.0.16

    Rich text stripping changes
    • Message is now also stripped of any rich text
    • Color and size closing tags are now being stripped aswell
  2. 5.0.15

    • now removing rich text from player names
  3. 5.0.14

    * fixed compile (loading) errors when not on rust
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  4. 5.0.13

    + added warning message when user isn't in any group
    + added API method: private List<object> API_GetUserGroups(IPlayer player)

    * now sending messages to RCON as chat type message
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  5. 5.0.12

    + added "BlockedReceivers" list to messageData dictionary in OnBetterChat
    + added Maximal Character Count Per Message