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A machine that automatically crafts items so the player can do more interesting stuff instead.

Total Downloads: 633 - First Release: Aug 1, 2017 - Last Update: Aug 23, 2017

5/5, 5 likes

  1. Skipcast
    AutoCrafter is a modification of the Recycler. It does not replace the recycler, so the original recycler still works at monuments. It allows the player to add crafting tasks to it and let it craft while they do less boring stuff.

    There's a few features that aren't that obvious so i'll put them here:
    • You can put codelocks on (but not key locks).
    • Dropping items into the top of the recycler will insert them into the crafter items output (if enabled in config).
    • By default, it takes 2 c4 or 6 rockets to destroy and melee is not viable. It's quite expensive to make, so it won't be destroyed that easily. This is editable in the config.
    • When destroyed the crafted items and any items in the queue will be dropped on the ground.
    • You can check the HP by hitting it once with a hammer. Continue hitting if you want to repair it.
    • You can downgrade within 10 minutes of upgrading by hitting it twice with a hammer again. You'll receive a full refund.
    • Upgrading is limited by a 10 minute window after placing the Research Table. This timer is reset everytime the table is upgraded or downgraded.

    It works by upgrading a Research Table through hitting it twice with a hammer.

    Default requirements are:
    • 25x High Quality Metal
    • 500x Metal Fragments
    • 3x Tech Trash
    • 3x Gears

    • autocrafter.use - Needed to see join message, use /autocrafter command, and upgrade/downgrade. Players without this permission can still use the crafters, but only if they were made by someone else.

      "ScanForWorldItems": true, // Items dropped at the top of the recycler will be inserted into the output of the crafter.
      "ShowPlayerInstructionsOnFirstJoin": true, // Show a message when a player joins for the first time informing them that the server has this plugin.
      "ShowInstructionsAsGameTip": true, // Show the message as a gametip. If false then it will be written in chat instead.
      "UpgradeCost": [ // The cost of upgrading a research table to a crafter. Can be empty array if you want it to be free (don't use null).
          "Shortname": "metal.refined", // The item's shortname
          "Amount": 1000 // How many needed
      "CrafterProtectionProperties": [ // The protection properties of the crafter. Default settings are 2 c4 or 6 rockets to destroy. Melee is not viable. 1 = fully protected (no damage), 0 = no protection
       0.98f, // Generic
       0, // Hunger
       0, // Thirst
       0, // Cold
       0, // Drowned
       1, // Heat
       0, // Bleeding
       0, // Poison
       0, // Suicide
       0.999f, // Bullet
       0.99f, // Slash
       0.99f, // Blunt
       0, // Fall
       1, // Radiation
       0.99f, // Bite
       0.98f, // Stab
       0.3f, // Explosion
       0, // RadiationExposure
       0, // ColdExposure
       0, // Decay
       0, // ElectricShock
       1 // Arrow
    Want to contribute to this plugin? Fork on github and make a pull request!