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Blocks raiding of new players

Total Downloads: 344 - First Release: Dec 4, 2017 - Last Update: Feb 17, 2018 at 10:52 PM

5/5, 6 likes
  1. 1.6

    • Added new config option "Days of inactivity after which players base will be raidable" (default 7 days) which will make player raidable if he hasn't connected in the time specified in config (player has to reconnect at least once when you change to this version)
    • Rewritten API calling (code cleanup)
    • Fixed a small bug where blocks owned by a noob player wouldn't decay
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  2. 1.5.2

    • removed double messages when calling PTT
    • (hopefully) stopped splash damage of the explosive ammo and fire
      (this doesn't get refunded)
    • removed some debugging code
  3. 1.5.1

    Game tips now go away after 10 seconds (oops)
  4. 1.5

    • Added first connection messages (config)
    • Added option to choose between using game tips for connection messages and normal messages
    • Rewritten a lot of stuff
    • Added more info to logging/debugging
    • Added antinoob.addnoob commands (manually sets player as noob until manual removal)
  5. 1.4.1

    • Added antinoob.checksteam
    • Improved (and fixed) steam checking and added logging to it
    • Improved checknew command (you won't see any difference)