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Stop defenders from despawning their loot

Total Downloads: 1,024 - First Release: Aug 13, 2016 - Last Update: Mar 17, 2017

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  1. Wulf
    This plugin allows admins to stop those pesky raid defenders from despawning all their loot. It does this by multiplying the dropped item's normal despawn time (ConVar.itemdespawn * item rarity) with that of the multiplier set in the plugins config file or by console command. This multiplier only applies to items dropped inside of a cupboard radius independent of if the player that dropped the item is authorized or not.

    Open up your server console, ingame console on an admin account/account with permissions or in your favorite RCON tool. Then type
    "antilootdespawn.multiplier 2.0" followed by how much you want the normal despawn time to be multiplied with as a float value. In this case 2.0 . So if the despawn time for an item would be 60 seconds it will be 120 seconds inside of a cupboardradius.
    "antilootdespawn.enabled true"followed by true(1) or false(0) will enable or disable the despawn duration multiplying.

    You can also use both the commands without a parameter, which will return what the current value is.

    Console Commands
    Optional arguments in square brackets [ ]. Using the commands without the optional arguments will return the current values.
    antilootdespawn - Lists the variables associated with this plugin and their values.
    antilootdespawn.multiplier [multiplier:float] - Sets the despawn time multiplier inside of cupboard radius.
    antilootdespawn.enabled [enabled:boolean]- Enable or disable the despawn multiplier inside of cupboard radius.

    Admins can always use the console commands.
    antilootdespawn - Allows the use of the command by the same name.
    antilootdespawn.multiplier - Allows the use of the console command by the same name
    antilootdespawn.enabled - Allows the use of the console command by the same name