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Link in-game activity to an IRC network channel

Total Downloads: 170 - First Release: Mar 13, 2017 - Last Update: Oct 21, 2017

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  1. OuTSMoKE
    This extension made by Kirollos allows you to link your Rust server to a specified IRC network.

    Free Public IRC network if you need a place: irc.CNCIRC.net
    Rust:IRC support channel: #RustIRC @ irc.CNCIRC.net

    Install/Update Instructions:
    • Shut Down Server
    • Put Oxide.Ext.IRC.dll in RustDedicated_Data\Managed folder
    • Start your Rust server.
    • Config/Lang files will generate on startup.
    • Shut down server, edit config to connect to your network.
    • Start server, if config is properly done bot will connect to your channel.
    • Do NOT use 'reload RustIRC' in console.
    • Note: Config file changes will take effect upon next restart.
    Extension Features:
    • 2 Way chatting between IRC & game
    • Join/Quit IRC notifications
    • Full console command support for admins
    • PVP Kill notifications (Requires DeathNotes)
    • Connected players count with name list
    • Admin channel options for logging Names/IPs/SteamIDs
    • Language file output customization
    Planned Future Features:
    • Customizable IRC Death Messages
    • IRC to Console command system
    Known Issues:
    • !players bound to one line, and cuts off player list.
    IRC Commands:
    • !players - Shows current player count & name list.
    • !say <message> - Sends message into server chat.
    • !console <command> - Sends command to server console. Requires @ or higher on IRC.
    Console Commands:
    • irc.restart - Restarts the IRC bot in event of a ping timeout.
    IRC Channel Types:
    Note: When using Admin or Lobby only ONE can be set true at a time.
    • Standard (Admin & Lobby False): Displays Joins, Quits, Deaths & Game Chat
    • Lobby: Displays only joins & quits.
    • Admin: Displays Nick/SteamID/IP on all player joins.
    Example Config:
    Code (Javascript):
      "host": "irc.cncirc.net",  [I]IRC network to connect to[/I]
      "port": 6667, [I]IRC port to connect to (usually doesn't need to be changed)[/I]
      "nick": "ZeroHour20x", [I]The name to assign your IRC bot[/I]
      "ident": "Rust.Server", [I]IRC ident for your bot, this doesn'
    t really matter[/I]
      "realname": "Zero Hour Bot", [I]Same as ident, doesn't much matter[/I]
      "ns_password": "password", [I]Bots'
    NickServ password (see FAQ).[/I]
      "commandprefix": "!", [I]Prefix for channel to game commands (Ex. !players)[/I]
      "channels": [
          "name": "#ZeroHour",
          "key": "",
          "adminchan": false,
          "lobby": true
          "name": "#ZeroHour-20x",
          "key": "",
          "adminchan": false,
          "lobby": false
          "name": "#ZeroHour-Admin",
          "key": "password",
          "adminchan": true,
          "lobby": false
    Example Language File:
    Code (Javascript):
      "IRC_PlayersResponse": "{irccolor:yellow}Connected Players [{count}/{maxplayers}]{irccolor} {playerslist}",
      "RUST_OnInitMsg": "{irccolor:white}{ircbold}Server is Back Online, Players Can Now Join.{ircbold}{irccolor}",
      "RUST_OnPlayerInit": "{irccolor:lgreen}[JOIN]{irccolor} {playername} joined the server!",
      "RUST_OnPlayerInitAdmin": "{irccolor:lcyan}NICK:{irccolor} {playername}   {irccolor:lcyan}IP:{irccolor} {playerip}   {irccolor:lcyan}STEAM ID:{irccolor} {playersteamid}",
      "RUST_OnPlayerDisconnect": "{irccolor:lred}[QUIT]{irccolor} {playername} left the server! ({irccolor:orange}{ircbold}{reason}{ircbold}{irccolor})"
    Public IRC network if you need a place: irc.cncirc.net
    Special thanks to Mughisi for helping out with some coding!


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