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Plugin and dependency management

Total Downloads: 767 - First Release: Oct 20, 2016 - Last Update: Oct 20, 2017

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  1. Calytic
    Catalyst is a free and opensource command-line extension for Oxide by RustServers.IO. Catalyst is meant for server owners who wish to automatically and easily manage their Oxide plugin installations.

    Games Supported
    • Rust
    • Apply updates to individual plugins or for every plugin at once
    • Asynchronous, will not cause Time Warnings or lag
    • Manage dependencies down to the specific version
    • Automatically resolve required dependencies (avoids dependency hell)
    • Search for and configure plugins from command-line
    • Free & open-source
    1. Move Oxide.Ext.Catalyst.dll into the RustDedicated_Data/Managed folder
    2. Restart server
    • Check

      Checks if new versions are available for any plugin


      Check if new version is available for specific plugins

      catalyst.check PluginName [PluginName] [...]

    • Update

      Updates all plugins to latest versions

      catalyst.update *

      Updates specified plugins to latest versions

      catalyst.update PluginName [PluginName] [...]

    • Require

      Installs specified plugin

      catalyst.require PluginName [Version]

    • RequireAll

      Installs all specified plugins

      catalyst.requireall PluginName [PluginName] ...

    • Remove

      Uninstalls specified plugins from server

      catalyst.remove PluginName [PluginName] [...]

    • Configuration

      Command-line editing of plugin configuration files

      catalyst.config PluginName Setting.SubSetting [NewValue]

    • Search

      Search available source repositories for a plugin by name, description, or requirements

      catalyst.search search terms

    • Info

      Find available information on a specific plugin

      catalyst.info PluginName

    • Validate

      Check if requirements are valid


    Catalyst is free and opensource and we are happy to review community contributions. Please visit our Github to submit issues or pull requests.

    Developers - Custom Sourcing
    The protocol used to power this service is fully documented here, if you want to source the plugin repository yourself - let us know and we will help you out!
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