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Oxide for Rust Legacy

Oxide server mod framework and API for Rust Legacy

Total Downloads: 5,434 - First Release: Apr 6, 2015 - Last Update: Apr 30, 2016

4.75/5, 16 likes
  1. Wulf
    Oxide 2 is a complete rewrite of the popular, original Oxide mod for the game Rust. Oxide 2 has a focus on modularity and extensibility. The core is highly abstracted and loosely coupled, and could be used to mod any game that uses .NET.

    • The latest .zip downloaded from this page
    • A compatible, unmodded, pre-setup Rust Legacy server
    • Windows 32-bit/64-bit Desktop (Vista/7/8.1/10)
    • Windows 64-bit Server (2008/2012)
    • Wine for Linux (1.7.30+)
    So, what's new?
    • Modular extension system - functionality is added to the core via extensions written in C#. Extensions add functionality such as libraries that script languages can use, or even the scripting languages themselves.
    • New plugin language - plugins can now be written in C#/CSharp! While C# will be the fastest as it's essentially native code, you're free to write in your language of choice!
    • Plugin hot-reloading - in addition to the oxide.reload/unload/load commands, plugins are automatically loaded/unloaded when added/removed from the plugins directory, and are reloaded when a change has been made.
    • Improved core - no Lua scripts come with Oxide 2 at all, everything is implemented in C#. Cleaner and faster. Extensions can add libraries which can be loaded by any scripting language.
    • New patcher - the patcher is now open-source, and comes with a GUI so it will be easy to add new hooks and edit existing ones. The IL injector is more advanced so it's possible to create more complex and useful hooks. The patcher works on any .NET game, so it's possible to patch Oxide into other Unity games too!
    What hooks are currently available?
    See Oxide API for Rust Legacy

    More hooks will be added as we're able and time allows.

    Source: OxideMod/Oxide ยท GitHub