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Oxide for 7 Days to Die

Oxide server mod framework and API for 7 Days to Die

Total Downloads: 599 - First Release: Feb 8, 2015 - Last Update: Apr 30, 2016

5/5, 12 likes
  1. Wulf
    This is a test, very alpha test release of Oxide 2 for 7 Days to Die.

    • The latest .zip downloaded from this page
    • A compatible, unmodded, pre-setup 7 Days to Die server
    • Any flavor of Linux, take your pick
    • Windows 32-bit/64-bit Desktop (Vista/7/8.1/10)
    • Windows 64-bit Server (2008/2012)
    • Wine for Linux (1.7.30+)
    What hooks are currently available?
    See Oxide API for 7 Days to Die

    More hooks will be added as we're able and time allows.

    Source: OxideMod/Oxide ยท GitHub