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Zones [Unmaintained]

Discussion in 'Oxide 1.18' started by greyhawk, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. greyhawk

    greyhawk Shotgun Ace Plugin Developer

    greyhawk submitted a new resource:

    Zones - Create Zones, assign flags to them (PvP on/off)

    Read more about this resource...
  2. Enoth

    Enoth Scavenger

    Hey greayhawk, as always great plugins mate! Is it possible to do just the opposite?

    Example: PVE server an area zoned for PVP.
  3. greyhawk

    greyhawk Shotgun Ace Plugin Developer

    I don't know how Rust cancels PvP damage on PVE servers.

    It may be possible but it would require some testing (checking if the Damage events are triggered, checking if setting damage.amount to a set number like 25 does damage or is being canceled)
  4. tmmy

    tmmy Scavenger

    Could it be possible to restrict building inside zones, but allow it inside sub zones.

    Great plugin BTW
  5. greyhawk

    greyhawk Shotgun Ace Plugin Developer

    I plan to:
    - add an additional check for zones, right now I only check if Corner1 and Corner2 are inside a Zone, I need to check for the other 6 corners of the cube
    - add a command to change owner, add/remove co-owners
    - use the "price" and "for sale" properties of Zones, with Economy
    - add commands to resize the Zone on x/y/z axis (increasing/decreasing by a certain amount)
    - add Oxmin flag support
  6. Enoth

    Enoth Scavenger

    So would it be easier to make the server PVP enabled, but then set the whole map as a Safe Zone except the are you want to section off as a PVP zone? How could you set the whole map?
  7. greyhawk

    greyhawk Shotgun Ace Plugin Developer

    With the current available Hooks it's not possible I think


    Right now it's difficult to select the whole map.
    You can do it by using /fz1 and /fz2, then downloading the flagzone_users.txt file, edit it to change your user data
    Sel1 set to -10000, -10000, -10000
    Sel2 set to 10000, 10000, 10000
    Upload the file on your server to replace the current one
    Restart server to reload the data file
    /fzone create fullmap
    /fzone edit fullmap option PvP false

    Then you select (new /fz1 and /fz2) the Zone where you want PvP and
    /fzone create PVParena
    /fzone edit PVParena option PvP true

    No guarantee this will work properly but that's how I would do it since there is no command like /fz1 X Y Z
  8. tmmy

    tmmy Scavenger

    If you disable damage inside a zone does it prevent building decay ?
  9. greyhawk

    greyhawk Shotgun Ace Plugin Developer

    I also plan to add spherical Zones
    like /fzone create testToto 100
    to create a spherical Zone (or cylinder if you enable the option to extend from the bottom of the ground to the sky) 100m in radius
    to make it faster to create Zones and rely less on the map grid
    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 27, 2014 ---
    No idea, I haven't looked into how decay works in the code. It's not impossible.
  10. Enoth

    Enoth Scavenger

    Well, for the zones.. it worked. But players couldn't kill zombies or creatures. :p
  11. boboduflachi

    boboduflachi Naked Wanderer

    Nice. Was hoping someone would add this. :) I'll be adding it to my server
  12. ZOR

    ZOR Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    Lol. Dude, yesterday I've made same name plug 'zones' , with flag, easy cmd managing, and etc. ( bt with spherical Zones.
    Wasn't going to publish next days and beside of zones its rust-event-helper tool.) Don't know.. maybe we should cooperate?
  13. Frop

    Frop Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    Sounds great, would love to help out.
  14. Vianns

    Vianns Wood Hoarder

    Hey, thanks for this plugin :)

    Do you mean that some items could be sold/bought only some zones, for exemple ? Like "Zone 1" I can buy only wood, "Zone 2" only weapons, etc... ? Or is it to buy/sell zones ?

  15. Mcello

    Mcello Shack Builder

    He did it again.
    Greyhawk let me kneel before you:cool:
    greyhawk likes this.
  16. greyhawk

    greyhawk Shotgun Ace Plugin Developer

    To buy/sell zones, like plots.

    But it may be possible to create player-shop zones where you type /price and you see items sold by a player

    Yeah most (all?) damage is disabled, I'll add a flag to make this behavior "indestructible", and change the pvp flag so you can still damage creatures.
  17. Vianns

    Vianns Wood Hoarder

    Thanks :)
  18. Sgt. Lumpy

    Sgt. Lumpy Shack Builder

    OMFG I have been waiting for something like this! Will begin testing this afternoon!!!
  19. Vianns

    Vianns Wood Hoarder

    Do you think you will add that fonctionnality later ?
  20. Tyrial87

    Tyrial87 Scavenger

    Your the man Greyhawk!