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    If you have ever tried making a server for Rust then you've probably heard of the program Rust Server Manager for Rust | Oxide

    I have made a version for The Forest but it's in its early stages. Currently, you can download a server and install oxidemod with the server installer and then you can create your config file with a GUI and start the server from there.

    1. Download https://inforcer25.co.za/the-forest-server-manager.html
    2. Start the program > go to server installer > Click install Server. (If you have not installed steamcmd it will prompt you to install it and then install your server).
    3. After the Server is done downloading you can go ahead and click "Install / Update OixdeMod"
    4. Now that the server is installed along with oxidemod you can go to the "Server Config" tab and edit config to your liking (Note: If you don't know what to put in sever ip or any of the ports you should leave it as it is. CHANGING THE SERVER IP DOES NOT CHANGE THE IP THE SERVER CONNECTS TO!).
    5. Now that every's set you can go ahead and click "Start Server".
    • There's a black window? Yeah there's nothing I can do about it but i'm working on hiding it.
    • My server is not in the server list? You should port forward your ports. (Google: How to portforward {router and model})

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