1. XNeo

    XNeo Scavenger

    tell me what you guys think about my site in particular the animation up top suggestions feedback criticism anything welcome.

    RustyKarma Server
  2. Kappasaurus

    Kappasaurus Shotgun Ace Plugin Developer

    It's a nice site, however I feel like the top doesn't really match. A lot of stuff doesn't have a place in Rust in my opinion. The body is nice and clean, however I'm not a fan of that scrolling footer.
  3. XNeo

    XNeo Scavenger

    lol ya
  4. Togoshige

    Togoshige Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    Banner is eye catching and original, pretty neat!

    The lines and lines of text on left side O_O, needs some bullet points, some sort of formatting, maybe even it should collapse and people can click Read More

    Could use a navigation bar since most ppl are used to that
  5. XNeo

    XNeo Scavenger

    true true ya i have plans for a nav bar