1. Oxide for Rust Legacy has been discontinued and is no longer supported. No updates or additions will be made, and Rust Legacy-specific plugin submissions will no longer be accepted. We recommend upgrading to the latest version of Rust as able.
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  1. SUPREME 4

    SUPREME 4 Naked Wanderer

    Hi members, sorry my english is poor, i want ask, what hardware are needed for rust legacy dedicated server? i3 - i5 - i7, ram 4-8 or?
  2. DraB

    DraB Shack Builder Plugin Developer

    Minimum is 4gb of ram. I would have 8 to be safe. Have an i7 that's over 3.0ghz and you'll see a smooth server.
  3. SUPREME 4

    SUPREME 4 Naked Wanderer

    thank you so much =)