1. Mr_Jeff

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    I run mine weekly via crontab, usually around the time of the Server update on Thursdays. If i need to update oxide i do that manually.

    p.s. steam is same name.
  2. Pencil

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    I'm trying to setup a dedicated server for myself and a few friends. I followed the thread "Setting up a Rust server with Linux and LGSM". I can start my server and connect to it locally if I leave the IP as "". If I change it to my external IP I can no longer connect to it with any internal IP or by using the external IP. I have this running on a separate machine. Here's the startup script I'm using . Here you will find my server.cfg file . This is mostly the default from what LGSM gives, but I changed the servername, rcon password, and seed. I've also tried changing the IP here and this is when I have problems.

    The ports have been forwarded on my router for the IP of the server hosting. To be thorough I tried both TCP and UDP and also tried both. Nothing has worked. I've had two people try connecting to it when it was set to my external IP and when it was set to "".

    Any help in getting this up and going would be appreciated.
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  3. Wulf

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    Please either upload the scripts and configs here using the 'Upload a File' button or use the code tags, not on pastebin or another site.
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    I've uploaded the files here. My apologies.
  5. Wulf

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    If your server is behind a network and router, you can't set the IP to your external IP, as it's not assigned to your machine. Is there a reason you need to set it to something other than default?
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    the rust oxide linux link you provided says 404 not found
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    1) If you're experiencing a server shutdown, with just and incomplete log that shows no particular error, please come post your info here so that we can try solve this:
    RUST - Failing on some OVH machines. · Issue #1254 · GameServerManagers/LinuxGSM · GitHub

    2) Oxide installation will soon be built-in LGSM, making this tutorial way more simple, and zip-updater useless for that matter.
    Command: mods-install/update/remove by UltimateByte · Pull Request #1255 · GameServerManagers/LinuxGSM · GitHub